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Promoting Innovative & Entrepreneural Thinking

Creating sustainable, systematic economic impact begins with promoting innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among school-aged children. AVIA partners with local schools and organizations to provide fun and exciting programs that support future entrepreneurs.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship tend to be more successful when they are adopted early on, as early as  elementary school. AVIA is in the process of creating a regional advisory committee to include members from a broad spectrum of youth service agencies including Boys and Girls Clubs, scouting organizations, public school systems, libraries, and the regional technical high school. During this process, we will evaluate interest, experiences and inventory both past and present innovation programs. AVIA will either partner with a handful of existing programs or create a regional program that supports innovative students of all ages. 

Coming Soon:

Pup Tank

A program inspired by the popular series, “Shark Tank,” Pup Tank will invite students to present and pitch business and/or home-made product ideas. This program introduces young learners to the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation in a fun, exciting, celebratory way. During the process, the program will also initiate key learnings across soft business skills like strategy, advertising, promotion, direct and concise communication, addressing target audiences, finding ways to connect to people so they listen, and more.

Male Teacher with Students
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