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Drive community impact:

Become a Mentor

Elevate your performance:

Become a Mentee

Growing Sustainable, Interdependent Local Networks

The AVIA Mentorship Program matches larger local corporations and business leaders established in the area with emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners who can benefit from their expertise and support. 

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Support Enables Success

Mentors participating in the AVIA Program receive Mentor Training (in-person, hybrid, or both), and a Mentors Handbook they can refer to at any point in time. They will also receive one-pagers that they may share with their Mentees during the 8 months of the pilot program deployment, and beyond.

Apply Now

We are now accepting applications for Mentors and Mentees. Since the pilot program primarily serves the areas of Hudson, Maynard, Stow, Bolton, and Berlin, Massachusetts, priority will be given to businesses and people operating within this area. 

Young Business Colleagues


Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and business leaders who share expertise and insight with emerging entrepreneurs or business owners faced with a challenge (or two). 


AVIA Mentors should be:

  • Enthusiastic and willing to share knowledge with others

  • Eager to help without expecting something in return

  • Able to provide honest and respectful feedback

  • Interested in nurturing Mentee relationships with solid support 

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Elevate your business performance with the support of an expert mentor! Almost any business owner or manager can be a Mentee, as long as they work hard and are driven by an intent to succeed.

AVIA Mentees should:

  • Be open to new ideas and problem solving techniques

  • Possess a positive attitude 

  • Take the initiative to fix or solve a problem, or address a challenge

  • Demonstrate leadership capabilities, to empower other people to take initiative and tackle challenges 



To supplement the Mentor-Mentee partnerships, a number of programs will be made available as well. Join in on business workshops, weekend training bootcamps, innovative problem-solving modules, webinars, and community business nights. Each event is tailored with the objective to disseminate knowledge, skills, and experience to businesses that need it the most.

Business Consultation
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